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These conditions govern the use of the Web that the company offers Internet users. Its use implies that the user's full acceptance of the general commitment to act in accordance with the law. The user who contracts services through this website states that he is old (ie at least 18 years). The User is responsible for treating and appropriately confidential passwords that could be designated to access certain areas of the site, preventing access to unauthorized persons. User agrees to be responsible for the economic consequences of any use of this website, whether or not the use of passwords, the User or third parties. The User declares that all information provided by him, when required for use of the Web, it is true, complete and accurate and undertakes to keep it updated.

The user, via this Web site, has access to information about products and / or services, and may make purchases and / or reserves for such products and / or services. The sale of these products and / or services through this Site is held by Galicia Villas at the addresses shown at the bottom of this document. Manufacturers and / or suppliers of such products and / or services, when they are not manufactured or provided directly by Galicia Villas, within the scope of his duties shall be liable to the User's compliance with the obligations under the regulations in force and terms and conditions of sale of each product and / or services purchased or hired, without liability or Galicia Villas take any responsibility for those products and / or services not provided directly.

Personal information received can join an automated personal data, authorizing the treatment of the same for sending commercial offers and advertising by any means (mail, telephone, fax, mailing or other means) own or and third by the limitations of the Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data and other applicable legislation. Users are informed of their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, if any, in respect of personal data under the terms of the Act may exercise this right, speaking in person or by writing to our e-mail. The use of cookies (text data stored on the user's computer) is only associated with an anonymous user and computer, and do not provide references that allow the User name. Thanks to cookies, it is possible to recognize the registered user without having to register each time they access the areas and services reserved exclusively for them. Users have the option of preventing the creation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser.

All content on this website (including without limitation text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio files and software) are protected by national and international intellectual property. These data are housed for viewing on the network within a database created specifically for multicompartida this task, and whose sole author is owner and Publications Dimensional Spain SL As the owner of that database, and due to technical and operational characteristics of the same, Dimensional Spain SL Publications in any case not deliver the data to companies outside Galicia Villas, nor to his own Galicia Villas, limited to the destruction of data and content relating to your website if required to do so Galicia Villas. All software used on the Galicia Villas website or its software suppliers and is protected by national laws and international intellectual property. It is forbidden any other use of content on this website, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, further publication, exhibition or representation of all or part of it.

This website is solely for the personal use of Members. It prohibits the modification, reproduction, copying, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of commercial exploitation or not. You agree not to use this website for any illegal or prohibited. In particular, the Web site user agrees that use the website only for themselves and the products and / or services purchased through the website will be for use or consumption or of people in the name of which is legally authorized to act. The User may not resell products or services purchased through the Web site to others.

Galicia Villas provides this site as it is, may contain inaccuracies or errors. Galicia Villas no warranties of any kind on the operation of the Website, the information, content, software, materials or products included. Within the Web may be links (links) to other pages on which Galicia Villas have no control and whose content can not be held responsible. The inclusion of links to other Web sites does not imply that promotes, endorses, guarantees or recommends that website. The links that include Web references are only offered as information without any assessment of the content owners or services or products offered by them. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Galicia Villas is exempt from any warranty, including among others, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Also not liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of this website, including direct and indirect. Galicia Villas assumes no responsibility for the lack of accuracy, updating and accuracy of data or information about offers, products and / or services, prices, features and other relevant data and information products and / or services offered on the Web by suppliers / manufacturers. Similarly, disclaims any liability for the failure or defective performance by suppliers and / or manufacturers of the obligations under current regulations and the terms and conditions of sale of each product and / or services contracted through the Web If there were deficiencies in the products and / or contracted services from the Web by unforeseeable circumstances or not solvable by Galicia Villas, or if it is impossible to comply with any of the agreed services, the customer waives any claim against Galicia Villas by these deficiencies or failure, unless it is demonstrated the lack of professional diligence.

The General Conditions, and any relationship between you and Galicia Villas are governed by Spanish law. Failure of some or all of these conditions will result in the resolution of the contractual relationship. Both parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the province which is Galicia Villas. Galicia Villas reserves the right to make changes at any time on this site, and in these Conditions. Galicia VillasAddress

Galicia Villas wants to get through this text what the criteria and rules followed concerning the use of personal data to any user, freely and voluntarily provide through its corporate website. It also aims to inform our compliance with the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) and the LSSI (Law on Information Society). Galicia Villas has taken measures and security levels required by Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data (PPD) and its implementing regulations. The criteria and rules, ie Data Protection Policy adopted by Galicia Villas, may vary over time due to possible legislative changes or the criteria used by the Data Protection Agency. Any changes that may occur thereon, shall be communicated through this page. The data from Galicia Villas through the forms on your Web page will be incorporated into an automated file and will be processed. The purpose of collecting and processing the data is only to make a correct management and delivery of the services offered by Galicia Villas customers and suppliers. Filling in forms or sending emails or other communications to our site signifies your express consent to the processing of personal data by Galicia Villas. The personal data provided to Galicia Villas through its Web page will not be disclosed to any company, and will only be used to satisfy the contractual obligations with customers and suppliers. Galicia Villas has taken appropriate security levels to the data handled and stored. In addition, Galicia Villas has installed all the technical means and measures at its disposal to ensure the confidentiality of data, prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft thereof. Anyone who wants to can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data (Act) and other applicable regulations, by sending a signed written request, including your name, surname and photocopy of ID card or other valid documentary proof, which request the exercise of those rights you want to our mailing address, clearly indicated in the CONTACT section of this page Web. This service will be free to the applicant. All information and programs outlined here are aimed at effective implementation of rights enshrined in Article 31 RD / 1 / 1996 by approving the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) in special reference to article 31.2 LPI and in accordance with the statement in Article 100.2 of this law. All images, marks, abbreviations, etc.. except for our own logo and trademarks belong to their respective owners and we only make use of them as an appointment and / or as an expression of today, as authorized by the Article 32 and 33 LPI. Please note that the layout, fonts and windows displayed on this Web site are subject to Copyright and on Copyright, reserved for that under all the rights and reproduced in whole or in part. The main purpose of the LSSI suggests a computerized file of personal data at the level of the network in Spain, the Organic Law on Data Protection in Title IV, Chapter I defined as publicly-owned files, since it is a computerized file of personal data to the network level should also be controlled by the Data Protection Agency of Spain, being independent of government. Exposed points and to comply with the requirements of the LSSI & Non hinder the application of the Act, this site Webmaster send details of your personal information to any person or entity that has a direct and lawful development of the Art . 4.1 of the Data Protection Act. Personal data can only be collected for processing and subjected to such treatment would be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they were obtained. The Webmaster of this website and try to prevent unauthorized use of your personal data by third parties acting under the Data Protection Act, and want to meet the obligations of the LSSI. When a user accesses this website, the computer where it is hosted Web page that automatically recognizes the IP address that is assigned to the computer making the connection, the date and time you entered the day and time the connection has dropped, and which parts of the Web page has moved. It is necessary that the computer where it is stored this information in the Web user's computer, it must be able to communicate with it to send data requested by the user through the browser and can view it on your screen. It is thus possible that Galicia Villas can know the user's personal data such as your name, address, phone, etc.. if not the user who has provided them. The computer where it is hosted this website uses cookies. Cookies are small files that Web server sends the user's computer, but do not provide any information regarding their name or any other personal data from it. You can set your browser to notify you that your screen will get a cookie. For more information, consult the help menu of your browser. If you decide that your computer does not receive any cookies you will be sent, it can not prevent access to information on this website.